📈 consulting

Today’s companies are operating in a rapidly changing world of customers, competitors and technology. CEO’s, leadership teams and budget holders need to make important investment decisions about change, innovation and transformation in response to this.

We help you to reveal, validate and prioritise those things that will have the greatest impact on your organisation and the people you serve. Our consulting approach:

  • clarifies what your organisation should focus on

  • clearly signposts areas for further research or validation

  • enables decision-making with more impact



The world is full of entrepreneurs, innovators and startups whose solutions aren’t effectively leveraged by big companies. When time, resources and energy are finite, collaboration offers a faster, cheaper and less-involved alternative to traditional change, innovation and transformation projects.

We help you to findprototype and test initiatives with our global network of over 50,000 entrepreneurs, innovators and startups. Our connectivity approach:

  • helps you to get to solutions much faster

  • requires far less investment than developing proprietary initiatives

  • enables pilots to be rolled out with minimal effort


🚀 creating

Big companies are spending millions on transformation programmes in order to respond to changes in customers, competitors and technology. The problem is that these programmes fail because they are still rooted in legacy beliefs, processes and technology.

We help you to launch, grow and scale new experiences, products and ventures and de-risk them as a startup would. Our creation approach:

  • takes a lean and experimental approach to building new things

  • speeds up the process by operating outside of the core business

  • de-risks development through learning and iteration