The ChallengE:

“What new ventures should we build that will derive revenue for us outside of our core apparel business?”

OUR Approach:

We consulted with the brand to reveal, test and prioritise a set of new business initiatives using our iO Model®. We then connected them with relevant startups from around the world using iO Cloud® and facilitated a three month accelerator programme to prototype and test these new ventures.

THE Results:

The accelerator culminated in the selection of 10 startup partners to progress these business ideas with. Following the programme, our client was named the World’s Most Innovative Company.



The challenge:

“How can we change consumer behaviour in order to stay relevant and ensure future growth?”

OUR approach:

An innovation programme was launched to test and validate new breakfast concepts that would enable the brand to stay ahead of the competition. The outputs fed into a commercial feasibility and research study to produce a prioritised set of initiatives, rolled out over 5 years. 

The results:

Our client changed it’s positioning and renovated the entire product range to align with changing customer needs around wellness. A focus was also placed on the different retail channels and as such the e-commerce business grew by 70%.


The challenge:

“What new product should we launch that will ensure the future survival of our business in China?”

OUR approach:

We helped them to better understand the Chinese market by working in partnership with our Shanghai studio. These insights led us to creating a connected skincare device that could measure skin health and create bespoke formulations that ship to customers every 12-weeks. 

The results:

We delivered market research, customer insight, value proposition, business model, customer experience design, key technology partners and competitor intelligence to client in just 5 days.




The Challenge:

“What new vending product should we design that will help us to stay ahead of our competition?”

Our ApproacH:

Uncovering opportunities and prioritising new experiences through customer and marketing insight. 

THE Results:

We discovered, specified, tested and launched the next generation coffee vending experience in the US. 


The Challenge:

“How can we identify and unlock new revenue streams to ensure future growth?”

Our Approach:

We created, designed and developed the UK's first online interior design service.


“This is a simple and enjoyable way for customers to revamp their rooms stylishly with affordable expert help. We’re fully invested in the product as a major new business model, the project team have supported us to deliver a powerful, consumer insight-led new service, on-time and on-budget.”

- Programme Lead.


The Challenge:

“How do we overhaul the entire customer journey to make us the courier of choice in the UK?”

OUR Approach:

The transformation project was approached with the customer first, using research and discovery methodologies to identify frictions, critical tasks and jobs to be done. Using minis, sprints and programmes we then worked to reimagine the entire customer journey based on real customer needs. 

The Results:

Delivering over 200 million parcels a year, our client now has a joined up and frictionless customer experience built upon the latest technology, making the process of sending, receiving and returning parcels hassle free.