what we do:

Business Innovation.

We make sure that today’s companies are here tomorrow. By connecting them with our network of over 50,000 startups, specialists and entrepreneurs, we help our clients to create the experiences, products and ventures of the future.


About Us


In business, innovation has lost its way. Management consultancies, technology vendors and digital agencies have spent their time delivering theatre, rather than returns, to their clients.

The role of business innovation is to create and capture new value for companies and the people they serve. As a result, we are squarely focused on helping organisations to overcome the fundamental challenges they face today; maintaining relevance, unlocking growth and ensuring survival.


Our Differences


Being smart, innovative and curious aren’t differentiators. They’re table stakes. At McCann iO, we have three fundamental tenets that shape our approach to business innovation.



Unlike management consultancies, we prefer to launch the things that we create rather than keeping clients on an endless cycle of presentations.

👩🏽‍🔬stop reinventing.

Unlike technology vendors, we can help our clients to build solutions but also buy and borrow them from our global network of innovators.


Unlike digital agencies, we know that technology isn’t the answer to every question, so we start with the needs of the people you serve.

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Our Expertise


We do three things. Really well. They all align with the most significant challenges our clients face. Maintaining relevance, unlocking growth and ensuring survival.


❤️ Experience Design

Maintain relevance by closing the gap that exists between people’s expectations and their actual experience with your company.

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🌱 Product Development

Unlock growth by better meeting the existing and emerging needs of customers through the creation of new propositions.

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🚀 Venture Creation

Ensure survival by designing, testing and incubating the disruptive business models that will shape the long-term future of your company.

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Our Model


We’ve reimagined the outdated consulting model by developing a set of transparent off-the-shelf engagements powered by a global network of innovators, intelligent tools and the ability to deliver initiatives through our extended family, McCann Worldgroup.


🔍 TRANSPARENT engagements

Working with consultancies can be an unnecessarily opaque undertaking, that’s why we’ve created three easy ways for clients to work with us. Minis reveal a set of prioritised opportunities in just five days, Sprints uncover a set of validated initiatives in 10 days and Programmes get us to set of fully assessed investments in 20 days.

🌎 global COMMUNITY

Through our proprietary iO Cloud™ platform, we have instant access to a global network of over 50,000 startups, specialists and entrepreneurs. We help our clients to partner with them and bring new experiences, products and ventures to market.

🧠 intelligent tools

We have a number of proprietary and open-source tools that we use to help established organisations to work like the companies that are disrupting them. Our Truth to Meaning method for prioritisation, iO Lab™ for validating new propositions and iO Canvas™ for developing the business models of the future.


As part of the world’s most effective agency network, we are able to bring over 24,000 expert colleagues from over 100 countries together to bring business innovation initiatives to life across Digital, Design, Technology, Brand, Creative, Marketing, PR, Production and Media.

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 Our Clients


We’re proud to be the business innovation partner of some of the worlds most established organisations.

What next?


We’ve worked hard to build a network of thousands of today’s most innovative leaders from corporations, tech companies and startups. Get to know us by attending our events, subscribing to our thinking and working with us.


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